Scratch Beginners 1pm 26/9/2015

Scratch Beginners 1pm 26/9/2015


Well done to all 44 ninjas at class today – hope you had fun.
Apologies to all who could not hear me shouting – we had no microphone.

Today we covered:
1. The Design Copybook and how we will use it.
2. Everyone set up a Scratch Account.
3. Explored the Scratch Studio & showed how to add projects
4. Completed this project, now in our studio so if you didn’t get it all done take a look here
5. Show & Tell – Ninjas showed us what they did in class

Optional Challenge for next week !
Get creative with what you have learned in the last 2 weeks, put your ideas and designs in your design copybook, write the code, explore & experiment – you cant break it !
Blow us away next week with your cool projects!
Have a great week.

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